What we do

Field of labor in short:
Nanotechnology, drug delivery, detection of cells, transfection, labelling, generation of biological chain reactions.

The Know How is based on Dynamic Magnetic Fields (DMF), which move and alternate.

What does DMF accomplish:
New Dynamic Magnetic Field techniques can non-invasively move and spatially fix magnetically marked objects reversibly and uniquely. Magnetic fields are independent from material constants. They cause macroscopic reactions by jamming microscopically into magnetic crystal lattices (beads). Due to “DMF” new diagnostic and therapeutic applications can be developed:
Virus like rolling of magnetic beads above cell surfaces….Invading cells…Immobilization inside cell organelles….Apoptotic chain reactions.

In the nineteenth century electrodynamics were established by Faraday and Maxwell. Martin Koch worked the past years in this field. He gained a Dr.-Ing. degree at the Technical University of Munich in 2005. His company Feldkraft is exploiting the dynamic magnetic field technique, in Dynamic Magnetic Field System (DFS) Devices.

Magnetic Fields:
Field controlled motion of sub-nano, nano- and macro-particles