The DFS principle

The DFS Principle

Interaction of a field generator and magnetic particles (e.g. Spions).

A field generator interacts – magnetically – with the unpaired spins of super paramagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (Spions). The Spions possess own field directions, which are the so called easy axis (in a cube shape – like here – the crystal owns 8 easy axis..111,111,1-11,1-1-1,-111,-11-1,-1-11,-1-1-1). 

The unpaired Spion spins normally align along their easy axis’s – in fact they oscillate between these eight directions – and they can be viewed as the Spion’s own magnetic field. 

A strong incoming field (e.g. from a field generator) synchronizes the Spion spin’s and restructures hereby their energy landscape, meaning, the still existing easy axis inside the crystal are gaining an angle towards their magnetization vector M, which approaches  the incoming field vector H. This effect causes a Spion to move in order to minimize its energy. 


Strong invading field synchronizes (First spin movement – the precession) – and then moves the spins (Second spin movement – the synchronized field/spin motion), hereby new energy minima are created (Energy dissipation). 

The Spion has to move macroscopically (Third (observable) movement) to align its easy axis’s/spins (Energy (angular moment) Saving). 

Key Words

First spin movement – the precession

Second spin movement – the synchronized field/spin motion

Energy dissipation 

Third macroscopic movement

Energy Saving